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Kong classic with rope Red Large

The Classic Rope from Kong is a unique twist on the normal Kong Classic
* With throwing rope to throw the Kong far away
* Unpredictable bouncing makes for an enthusiastic dog
* Ideal for fetch and pull games

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    KONG Company is an American company headquartered in the state of Colorado that develops designs and produces lines of dog toys and cat toys. Its primary line of product is a snowman-like chew toy for dogs also named KONG


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    Run and pull with the Kong Classic Rope

    The Kong Classic is fun to play with due to its rubber properties, but difficult to throw with. With the Kong Classic Rope, you don't have to put much effort into throwing the Kong far, thanks to the added rope. The unpredictable bounce will add even more of a challenge to your dog.

    Play in different ways

    The Kong Classic Rope is based on the well-known Kong Classic. The Rope version has a nice twist in the form of a long throwing rope. For example, the Kong Classic Rope can be used for various training and retrieving games. But your dog can of course also play with the rope and take the Kong Classic Rope everywhere.

    This toy has unpredictable bounce properties and in combination with the long rope it can be used for all kinds of purposes. Throw the Kong far away thanks to the rope, let your dog shake the Kong wildly or play a pulling game with your four-legged friend.

    Note: no toy is indestructible. therefore does not give a demolition guarantee on toys. Never leave toys unattended.

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