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District 70 SNAKE Black

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    All cat and dog owners know that their furry friends can spend a large amount of their time curled up asleep in their favourite spot. District 70 is inspired by the fact that cats and dogs spend approximately 70% of their time at the same place – or as we would like to call it – their district. We provide these sleepy cats and dogs a comfortable district to get settled and snuggled up to!


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    Product Description

    When is the last time you spoiled your cats beyond their wildest dreams? With our feline friends sleeping around 16 hours a day, we have to make sure they are getting proper exercise. The innovative SNAKE multi-functional toy will be the perfect gift that is built to provide them years of fun!

    Scratch & Play

    Engage your cat’s instinct to chase, hunt and play with a toy that offers different activities. This multi-functional SNAKE toy is a scratching board and play area all in one big cardboard box, with a scratch pad on top, two balls with bells inside and lots of holes to poke through.  The cardboard scratch pad on top appeals to their clawing instincts whereas the two balls with bells will satisfy their inner hunter. Your cat will undoubtedly love chasing the balls down the track for hours! 

    Indoor exercise

    Every cat owner knows that their feline friends have a natural desire to hunt. Unlike outdoor cats, indoor cats have limited entertainment and exercise options during the day. To replace the interesting things they would have found outside, the SNAKE toy has been created. It promotes healthy exercise but simultaneously fulfills your cat’s instinctual desires to chase and hunt.

    Suitable for multi-cat homes

    Unlike many other cat scratching toys that work well but don’t look great in a modern home, this curvy piece is attractive enough that you don’t have to hide when you get visited by friends or family. Available in two colours, the SNAKE can also be used to entertain small groups of cats in multi-cat homes due to its larger size. Made from durable materials, this fun toy will drive cats crazy as they bat the balls around the track!

    • Stylish multi-functional toy for cats

    • Perfect for interactive play

    • Encourages your cat’s natural hunting instincts

    • Cardboard scratch pad on top to sharpen claws

    • Jingling balls with bells inside to entice cats

    • Great way to promote healthy exercise for indoor cats of all ages

    • Dimensions: 54 x 28 x 6 cm

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